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Vegetable Marinara Spaghetti

The great thing about spaghetti sauce is that you can really do anything you want with it.  If you like it plain, all you need is canned tomatoes, basil, oregano, and an onion.  Or it you, like me, are trying to get a many different vegetables into your or a loved one’s diet  Here is a basic recipe that I have designed.  Please play with it yourself in order to suite your own tastes and needs.

Vegetable Marinara Sauce

Oil, for the pan

1 onion, chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 lb Italian Sausage ($2.75 at Meijer)

1 teaspoon crushed red pepper

Chopped vegetables, as desired (I used 1 green pepper, 1/2 red, a few mushrooms, 2 carrots, 2 celery)

2 32oz cans tomatoes, plus ~1 can water (crushed tomatoes – $.99 at Aldi)

1 1/2 teaspoon salt

approx half cup of each chopped herb desired (I used fresh basil, oregano, and parsley from my plants)

1 cup red wine, preferably Merlot, Chianti, or Malbec (the wannabe Argentine in me will never leave out Malbec)

*note* If you want to use celery and carrots, you will need to cut them into strips first, like this.


Start by sauteing one chopped onion in the oil, adding the sausage after 3-5 minutes.  Once the onion is soft, add the garlic and crushed red pepper.  

Continue to saute until fragrant, about another 3-5 minutes.  Add all chopped vegetables, tomatoes, and  water. Stir well, adding the herbs after mixing the previous ingredients.

Stir in salt and wine, then simmer for an hour or more.

It’s really quite easy, cheap,  and delicious. Please keep in mind that adding more veg also makes a LOT more sauce.  So if you are cooking for one, or do not want plenty of leftovers,you may want to add less vegetables than I did and cut the recipe in half.  Bon Appetite!

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